Saturday, January 29, 2005


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I recently rejoined Sam’s Club after a 12-year absence. I figured it would be a good way to save some money. But I had no idea I would save $258 in 30 minutes on my very first trip!

Of course, the reason I saved that money is because Sam’s Club doesn’t take VISA, so all those items I bought are still at the store: the watch I didn't need; 2 gallons of liquid soap; tubs of toothpaste; a lifetime's worth of Post It notes; 3,000 paper plates; and other assorted items I guess I'll have to live without.

At one point I considered asking someone about payment methods, but I thought to myself, “You’d have to travel deep into the barren wastes of the South Pole or all the way up the Amazon River to find someplace that doesn’t take VISA.” Or go to Elyria. I sorta wish I would have looked at that logo a little closer.

The other benefit of the non-VISA policy is that it saves you from lugging heavy items out to your car or finding a place for them in your pantry. So it’s a double benefit. My weight-challenged back approves. Since I have extra time, money and energy left over, I think I will get a six-pack and a movie and enjoy my Saturday night the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. I never strained my back lifting a beer.

It’s sure great to be a Sam’s Club member again!